sphinxcontrib-ocaml is a Sphinx (1.6.3+) extension to document OCaml libraries. It provides a Sphinx domain for OCaml and autodoc-like directives to generate documentation from source code.

It’s licensed under the MIT license. It’s available in two parts, on the Python package index and OPAM (both are required). Its documentation and its source code are on GitHub.

Questions? Remarks? Bugs? Want to contribute? Open an issue!

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sphinxcontrib-ocaml is still highly experimental. Interfaces may be changed unannounced. We welcome all feedback from our daring early users.

Quick start

Install both packages:

$ pip3 install sphinxcontrib-ocaml
$ opam install sphinxcontrib-ocaml

Enable and configure the Sphinx extension in your conf.py file:

primary_domain = "ocaml"  # Optional
ocaml_source_directories = ["src"]
ocaml_findlib_packages = ["batteries", "js_of_ocaml"]

And document your module (in an .rst file):

.. autoocamlmodule:: MyModule

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