More CPU cores

By default, ActionTree considers that all actions execute on a single core. Thus, by default, the cpu_cores parameter of execute() controls how many actions can be executed in parallel.

You can tell ActionTree that your Action uses more cores with require_resource() and CPU_CORE:

(Here are the source files used below.)

>>> from ActionTree import CPU_CORE
>>> compile_others = CallSubprocess(["make", "-j", "4", "_build/c.o", "_build/d.o", "_build/e.o", "_build/f.o", "_build/g.o", "_build/h.o"], label="make -j 4")
>>> compile_others.add_dependency(make_build_dir)
>>> compile_others.require_resource(CPU_CORE, 4)
>>> link_with_others = CallSubprocess(["g++", "-o", "_build/test", "_build/a.o", "_build/b.o", "_build/c.o", "_build/d.o", "_build/e.o", "_build/f.o", "_build/g.o", "_build/h.o"], label="g++ -o test")
>>> link_with_others.add_dependency(compile_a)
>>> link_with_others.add_dependency(compile_b)
>>> link_with_others.add_dependency(compile_others)
>>> GanttChart(execute(link_with_others, cpu_cores=4)).write_to_png("link_with_others_gantt_chart.png")


As we expected, you can observe that the call to make was not executed at the same time as the individual calls to g++ -c.

Arbitrary resources

The same mechanism can be used with any instance of the Resource class. If you want that no more than two actions of some kind execute at the same time, while allowing other actions to run, just create a resource:

>>> from ActionTree import Resource
>>> from ActionTree.stock import Sleep, NullAction
>>> semaphore = Resource(2)
>>> dependencies = []
>>> for i in range(6):
...     d = Sleep(0.3, label="limited")
...     d.require_resource(semaphore)
...     dependencies.append(d)
>>> for i in range(5):
...     d = Sleep(0.4, label="free")
...     dependencies.append(d)
>>> with_resource = NullAction(dependencies=dependencies)
>>> GanttChart(execute(with_resource, cpu_cores=5)).write_to_png("with_resource_gantt_chart.png")


As expected again, there was never more than two sleep 0.3 actions running at the same time, but sleep 0.4 actions were free to execute.

Resource’s availability parameter and require_resource()’s quantity parameter allow a flexible specification of which actions should not execute at the same time.